Manual Installation

There are following components you need to install before running DiTrace gate and UI:

1. golang version 1.5 or higher 3. elasticsearch version 2.2 4. web server e.g. nginx

Install DiTrace gate

export GOPATH=<your gopath>
go get


  1. Place configuration file to the default location, /etc/ditrace/config.yml

You can dive into Configuration syntax on a separate page.

  1. Place nginx configuration file to /etc/nginx/conf.d/ditrace.conf
# elasticsearch cluster for traces
upstream elastic {
    server vm-ditrace1:9200;
    server vm-ditrace2:9200;
    server vm-ditrace3:9200;

server {
    server_name  vm-ditrace1;

    location / {
        root /var/local/www/ditrace/web/static/;
        index  index.html;

    location /elasticsearch/ {
        rewrite      /elasticsearch/(.*)  /$1  break;
        proxy_pass http://elastic;
  1. Place UI config.json file to /var/local/www/ditrace/config.json


  1. Run nginx
  2. Run elasticsearch
  3. Setup indices template
curl -XPUT http://elasticsearch:9200/_template/traces --data-binary @template.json


  1. Run ditrace gate
$GOPATH/bin/ditrace --config=/etc/ditrace/config.yml